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GoTToGo Electric offers a number of technology based products from C3-Ilex and Itron to include SCADA and many software based products from Asset Management to Load Forcasting, Customer Care and Distribution System Design.
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Distribution Asset Analysis Suite (DAA Suite™) provides software tools for predicting transformer loading; understanding actual device, feeder and bank loads system-wide; and planning distribution capacity by using customer usage data, SCADA information and historical and forecasted weather data.
Built on an open-architecture platform to easily integrate with your existing systems, our energy forecasting tools utilize a variety of advanced techniques to combine an array of data into powerful short- and long-term forecasting models that provide you with the information you need to make important decisions that impact your bottom line.
Itron’s best practices approach to enterprise energy management outfits large, cost-conscious companies and organizations with sophisticated software tools to optimally manage energy costs and optimize conservation. Select the EEM Suite™ (Enterprise Energy Management) system for a complete array of powerful analysis and reporting tools, or choose a single application for your specific data management, billing and forecasting needs.
Itron’s integrated customer care applications help energy and water providers deliver exceptional value to their commercial and industrial (C&I) customer base. Our comprehensive software portfolio supports rate and profitability analysis, complex billing for large C&I customers and deployment of usage and billing information over the Internet.
With Itron’s demand response software, utilities can partner with their customers to proactively manage peak load and reduce demand in response to market, price and system signals. We currently feature a single Internet-based application that enables multiple program types and the flexibility to create both day-ahead and day-of events.
Itron offers the most advanced software tools available for distribution system design. Energy providers can ensure that their distribution assets are optimally designed, built and maintained precisely to meet requirements for safety, reliability and capacity at the lowest possible cost.
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