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Street Lighting
GoTToGo Electric offers a wide variety of Decorative Nostalgic Street Lighting products to meet your needs. We offer a complete suite of products from one manufacturer specializing in downtown Streetscapes. Our expertise allows us to assist you with lighting layouts to ensure proper spacing and lighting levels as recommended by IES.
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  Going Green with LEOTEK LED Street Lighting  
  Georgetown, MA

Quote from Scott E. Kennedy
Northeast Regional Sales Manager
Leotek Electronics:

"I had the opportunity to meet with two of Georgetown, MA Municipal Light Department's linesmen this week during the installation of a few remaining 30e fixtures we recently sold."
"Feedback on installation was very positive. Also, both indicated that the fixtures that have been installed throughout town (we are up to over 30 now) have had a very positive effect on visibility. They also added that the downtown is brighter now than in the past."
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