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Whether you need Power Cable, Wire, Street Lighting or Special Services, GoTToGo Electric has access to the right product. With over 15 years in the business, we have the expertise to help you plan and execute your project as well as support you after the sale.

We serve Investor Owned Utilities, Municipalities, Distributors, Contractors and Industrials. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality material and service from start to finish, helping make every project a success. Download / Print Line Card...     We are a proud member of NEMRA.

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MGM Transformer Company -- reminder – we are stocking 600v indoor/outdoor dry type transformers 10kva-500kva
Companies and Products Represented:
Prysmian Group Prysmian
Prysmian Cables & Systems**
Low, Medium, High Voltage Power Cable, Building Wire, Cold Shrink Splices and Terminations
Power, Control, Signal, Instrumentation Cables and 2-hour Fire-Rated Emergency Cable. Cable in Conduit.
King Luminaire
Prestressed Spun Concrete Poles, Decorative for Street Lighting, Utility fir Distribution & Transmission
CG Power Systems
CG Power Systems
3 Phase Pad Mounts Transformers, Distribution Type, Small, Medium, Large Power Transformers
Brooks Utility Products Group
Meter Sockets Adapters and Testing, Equipment and Meter Seals
King Luminaire
King Luminaire**
High Quality Decorative LED/HID Street Lights. Aluminum, Steel or Cast Iron Poles
Electric, Water & Gas AMR Solutions & Metering
Nehring Electrical Works***
Overhead Wire and Cable Products
Thomas&Betts Utility Products Group:
Pre-molded Cable Accessories and Switchgear elastimold
Fisher Pierce
Fisher Pierce
Capacitor Controls, Fault Circuit Indicators, Smartlink Communications
Bolted, Compression, Automatic Connectors blackburn
Distribution, Substation, Industrial Connectors
Joslyn Hi-Voltage
Reclosers, Sectionalizers, Switches
Current Limiting Fuses
Also Represented:
Aluminous Lighting Products
Aluminous Lighting Products**
Spun Aluminum, Steel, Square, Round Poles and Arms
Leotek Electronics
LED Lighting for Traffic and Transit, Streetlights, Parking Lot Lights and Commercial Cooler Lights.
Upgrade nearly any existing light fixture with the new energy-saving LED light source replacement.
Switchgear Power Systems
Metal enclosures up to full switchgear systems ranging from low voltage controls to medium voltage packages up to 38kv
Priority Wire & Cable
Aluminum and Copper Products, Specialty Products, along with all your Wire and Cable needs.
Inertia Repl
Heat Shrink Accessories - Splices, Terminations, Tubing and Sleeves For Low & Medium Voltage Cables
MGM Transformer Company
MGM Transformer Company
600 volt dry type transformers from 10 to 500 kva available in copper and aluminum windings.
American Pipe & Plastics
American Pipe and Plastics, Inc.
Telephone conduit, Communications conduit, UL listed Sch 40 conduit and fittings, EB/DB conduit and fittings, colors and
Miscellaneous accessory and complimentary products.
Sabre Industries
Sabre Tubular Structures

Transmission and Distribution Poles from 69kv to 765kv including single poles, H-Frames, wood pole equivalents and 3 pole structures.
* Utility Market Only ** Utility and C&I Market ***C&I Market Only
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